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Reduce Your Costs With Managed Print Services

If you’re printing less, then you’re buying, storing, and using less paper in each stage of the document life-cycle through your business. You’re trimming cost. You’re also being kinder to the planet and developing a sustainable business.

A managed print service can cut an immediate 30% from your printing costs.

Once implemented, business unit/department heads will have accurate information through web-based reporting of print device fleet and users which enables cost allocation to appropriate business units/departments. There may also be the opportunity to recover revenue with a client billing tool.

Paying for your print usage with one monthly invoice from one supplier reduces the work of your Finance team.

As well as saving money, Managed Print Services can increase productivity, enabling you to add to the bottom line at the same time.

jikko consulting provides you with full visibility of your organisation’s total print costs and the ability to control and reduce these.

Our consultants have over 20 years’ experience of working with manufacturers and channel partners and advise and implement ‘best of breed’ solutions that guarantee savings and improve your productivity.

Why Use Managed Print Services?  

According to a Gartner Group report, office printing consumes 1-3% of annual company revenues. There is a huge opportunity to reduce expenditure.

Help save the planet! The average office worker consumes 10,000 pages per year. That is the equivalent of 60% of a tree.

Consume less energy! The latest Printers have significantly better energy efficiency ratings than your older devices.

Reduce your wastage! The average desktop printer cartridge is disposed of with 17% of the toner remaining.

Typically, organisations buy desktop printers on a budget. This can be the single most expensive way of laying print on a piece of paper.

Reduced Admin Overheads: 
• Fewer invoices for Finance teams to verify and process.
• No toner stock checking required as automatic fulfilment processes are part of the solution.
• Make it easier for people to use print functions efficiently.

Reduced Printing Costs: 
• The most cost-effective printers are set as default devices so reduce user error.
• Default settings applied to workflow to force the most efficient printing.
• Reduced capital expenditure requirement for your fleet of devices.

If your business is interested in reducing your printing costs while optimising your productivity, let’s talk.

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