Your business operations

Your business operations and technology 

Your business operations are unique and the sum of all the “business as usual” (BAU) activities every member of your team, including you, perform throughout their working day, week, month, quarter, half year and year.

While your business may have started with light touch, simple processes and systems, as it grows and the range of your products/services/solutions grows, so does the complexity of, and demands on, your business processes and systems.

We can review your business operations using the most appropriate business analysis tools and our experience of different businesses, markets, operations, sectors and technologies. We can review your business model and operating model and help you to optimise both.

Our analysis of your business operations will identify opportunities to improve your operational efficiency by reviewing:-

    •  business processes and process automation
    •  costs reductions through management of suppliers and supply chain
    •  your customers’ experience
    •  the use, adoption and Return on Investment (ROI) of technology solutions
    •  the right sizing and right skilling of your team 
    •  business intelligence, collection and use of customer data
    •  targeting and effectiveness of your marketing activity 
    •  your triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental)

We’ll check your current business operations manual (Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Recovery) and update it, or help create one.

We consider the onboarding of new members of your team, your learning and development plans, succession planning and resourcing and make recommendations for change.

Our passion for technology and its adoption guides us when we look at your technology stack, your IT strategy, development roadmap, any in-flight and planned projects and check suitability, costs and benefits realisation of technology solutions that drive the digital transformation of your business.

Our aim is to ensure you have a customer centric, streamlined, agile and responsive business which can adapt to the changes we’ll see over the coming 3-5 years of your strategic business plans.

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