Your marketing activity

Your marketing activity

Your business is unique. Your brand, products, services, solutions are what your existing customers recognise and what you want prospective new customers to buy into.

Marketing campaigns should build on your brand and existing customer base while creating brand awareness and lead generation among your potential new customers.

Your marketing activity needs to engage both your existing customer base for repeat/additional purchases and your potential new customer base for growth. It needs to reflect your unique selling point (USP), your products, services, solutions and reinforce your brand identity.

We review your existing marketing activity and budgets, analyse conversion rates from current spend and see what specific activity works for you and gives the best Return on Investment (ROI). Building on our market analysis (part of the business strategy process), we will recommend other activity we think can work for your business too.

Our checks include your website, content management, offline integration, social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) to build traffic, and we provide tools to ensure success in covering both new and existing customer bases.

We will then work with you to create an aligned marketing strategy to help your business achieve better results.

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