Your teams

Your team

Your team is a unique mix of talent and experience that can make your business even more successful when empowered, engaged and aligned.

Similar to a football team, there will be several differing roles within your team and the individuals occupying those defined roles, with defined responsibilities, will have a particular skill set as a result of their experience and learning and development, on and off the job.

Also similar to a football team, while you may have identified them as ideal for a particular role, they may have aspirations and/or abilities to perform another role, or may multi task roles, or step in as a substitute elsewhere in the business as and when needed.

It is your team that delivers the actions from your business plan; that affects your customers’ experience; that allows you to achieve your goals and objectives from your business strategy.

When a team is effective, empowered, engaged and aligned to that strategy, it delivers those actions, an exceptional customer experience and the right results.

However, to be effective you need a strong team culture and managed, or self-managed teams. Why? Because “culture can eat strategy for breakfast”!

Team Meeting
Team working on whiteboard

What makes an effective, empowered, engaged and aligned team? From our experience it is a combination of:-

   • planning and preparation
   • open and honest communication
   • listening skills
   • organisation structure
   • understanding of individual and collective roles and responsibilities
   • understanding everyone’s part in the overall business strategy and plans
   • trust in the plan and in your team
   • collaboration between team members
   • supporting each other
   • learning as a team when things haven’t gone to plan
   • recognising, rewarding and sharing in successes

Our analysis builds a clear picture of your current team and provide practical advice on steps your business can take to improve team performance.

We can help you with:-

   • competency frameworks
   • defining roles and responsibilities
   • organisation structure
   • skills gap analysis
   • learning and development programmes
   • on-boarding team members
   • off-boarding team members
   • recognition and reward
   • employee wellbeing
   • employee engagement
   • employee alignment
   • performance management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and actions
   • resource planning
   • succession planning

We can help you create a more effective, empowered, engaged and aligned team to deliver your business plans and objectives and make your business a brilliant place to work.

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